Evolution of the CCN worksite

The CCN site near North Station is undergoing major redevelopment, becoming NOR.BRUXSELS. It will feature a mix of functions, public squares like "Square Bolivar," and improved connectivity as a mobility hub. This long-term project will reshape BXNord by 2030.

29th April

The CCN site next to North Station is undergoing significant changes, with demolition set to reach ground level by year’s end. 🌟💼

Powered by AG Real Estate and Aténor, this project is more than just redevelopment—it’s a vision for the future. Say hello to NOR.BRUXSELS! 🏙️✨

🌆 Towards a Mix of Functions: The future NOR.BRUXSELS promises a better functional mix, with residential units, shops, and dining options set to breathe new life into the site. Over 8,000 m² of public amenities will cater to the needs of future residents, creating a vibrant new district. 🏢🏡

🌳 Creation of New Public Squares: Gare du Nord will shine brighter with the introduction of the “Square Bolivar,” an outdoor station forecourt. This green space will not only enhance the station’s visibility but also offer a peaceful retreat in the bustling surroundings. The Place du Nord will also undergo a transformation, providing a quality public space with lively restaurant terraces. 🌿🍽️

🚇 New Mobility Hub: As a key mobility hub, CCN will streamline connectivity between various modes of transportation, including trains, buses, pre-metro, and future metro and streetcar lines. The aim? A seamless, dynamic, and safe flow of traffic within the district. 🚆🚌

🗓️ A Long-Term Project: With complexities abound, the NOR.BRUXSELS redevelopment will unfold in stages, culminating around 2030. Stay tuned as the project evolves through studies and construction, unveiling the future of BXNord one milestone at a time. 🏗️🔍

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