Place to meet – Camping Josée

From July 3 to 14 and August 21 to September 8, the campsite at Parc St-François will be open with various activities for kids and adults, including cooking workshops, games, concerts, and more.

12th June

The campsite is accessible via two entrances at 53 Rue de la Poste and 50 Rue Verte, SJTN. For more details, visit or contact

The campsite’s schedule is:

Wednesday: 12-20h
Thursday: 12-20h
Friday: 9-22h (with morning Dutch practice and evening folk cooking)
Saturday: 12-22h (with evening concerts)
Sunday: 9-17h (with festive camping)
There are additional opportunities for volunteering, and the construction playground (for ages 8+) will also be open on campsite days. Josée Info at Chaussée de Louvain 54 will provide support for parents of school-age children at the end of summer and early September.

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