The Kaaitheater program

Kaaitheater is a home for dance, theater, performance and conversations - firmly rooted in Brussels.

1st August

Kaaitheater is a house for dance, theater, performance and conversation – firmly rooted in Brussels. Founded in 1977 as a pioneering institution for living arts, we have grown into a platform for artists from the “Flemish Wave” as well as new generations of Belgian and international choreographers and performers.


Driven by the question How To Be Many?

Kaaitheater explores new strategies for participation and mediation, to lead new audiences into the multifaceted contemporary living arts. These make room for a broad spectrum of visitors, artists, stories and perspectives, traversing many neighborhoods and locations in and around Brussels.

Between 2022 and 2025, our beloved Sainctelettesquare building will be renovated from the ground up. In 2025, we will move back to our headquarters, with lots of new space. A second hall, an urban balcony and spaces for artists and the public will resonate with the new urban art pole around the canal.

Until then, you can find us at the Kriekelaar in Schaerbeek, where we have our temporary office and also program smaller events. Of course, we will continue to present at Kaaistudios; you can find the rest of our program at the many theaters and partners in and around Brussels, with whom we will collaborate in the coming years.

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23rd January

TRACK program

TRACK is an experimental crossroad linking creation, education and performance in Brussels’ North station. An urban lab for research into shared and mixed space usage, new forms of collaboration and a creative economy that is social, circular and financially sustainable.

2nd January
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Botanique program

A former Jardin Botanique transformed into a cultural center in the heart of Brussels, Le Botanique is committed to promoting musical discoveries and the visual arts.

10th October
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The Maximilien Park Farm activites

The Maximilien Park Farm is an urban animated farm that has been in existence since 1989.

28th September
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Tour&Taxis Maritime Station

Tour & Taxis is a place where past and present meet to create an exciting environment for all of Brussels to enjoy.

28th September

An exhibition full of visual illusions at the World of Mind

The WOM, a confusing brain experience to enjoy in Tour & Taxis, a destination where you can cultivate yourself, eat and attend amazing events in Brussels.

28th September
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